Mythos Pedals Lark Overdrive Tremolo

Mythos Pedals Lark Overdrive Tremolo

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A collaboration between Mythos Pedals and guitarist Rhett Shull, the Lark is inspired by one of Rhett’s favorite 60’s combo amps. The 5 watt, tremolo laden, Kalamazoo made amplifier that inspired this pedal has been a studio favorite for years and for the first time you have the unique tone of this small combo in pedal format.

The Lark features a unique drive circuit with an interactive Overdrive control. With the overdrive set low you have a clean tone that just nudges the sound more towards a small combo. As you crank the overdrive things get hairy and sound big and punchy. Internally if you want to fatten things up there is a Body trim pot that lets you cut bass and sound more like a small amp, or keep things nice and full. There is also an internal trimmer for Presence to further shape the tone. The Tremolo circuit has a single external Frequency control that controls the speed of tremolo. The Tremolo is activated via footswitch and features an internal depth control to go from subtle to choppy.


  • Interactive Overdrive circuit with asymmetrical clipping diodes.

  • Internal Presence & Body control to shape pedals overall tone.

  • Classic sounding Tremolo circuit with internal Depth control.

  • Red Amp Jewel Light

  • Top Mount Jacks

  • Top quality jacks, switches, pots, and components throughout.

Mythos Pedals would like to thank Lawrence Petross Designs for his incredible help with the circuit design.

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