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Cam 18 112 Combo
by Greer Amps

Amps/Speakers -> Tube Amp
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The Greer Amps CAM 18 is the answer to a request from one of our first endorsers. Casey A. Meyer asked for an 18 watt amplifier, with a master volume. The CAM 18 was Greer Amps' answer to this request. The CAM 18 features a pair of 6V6s, running in cathode biased, Class A operation. This amp blends M*rsh*ll and V*x tones, and produces 18 watts. Country, rock, and blues players will all find tones that are familiar to them in this amplifier. The cleans on this amp have a certain "CHIME" and "SPARKLE" to them. The CAM 18 distorts in a harmonically rich, and complex way--producing some wonderful classic rock and modern country tones! This amp is the little cousin to the Thunderbolt 30, featuring a different voicing and feel. The head features racing stripes on the front valance panel! The CAM 18 features custom Mercury Magnetics transformers and the highest quality components available!

- Handwired on a vintage style turret board!
- 2x6V6 power section, cathode biased, Class A!
- 18 Watts of great tone!
- Vintage V*x and M*rsh*ll tones!
- CHIME and SPARKLE like no other 6V6 based amp!
- Harmonically rich and complex overdrive!

- Guaranteed Best Price- No Free Shipping
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Cam 18 112 Combo by Greer Amps