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by SamAmp

Amps/Speakers -> Tube Amp
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Celebrating 12 years with the hand wired 12-watt V.S.C. combo!

The V.S.C. combo has the same 12AX7 preamp as the V.A.C. 23 and 23-verb models. The versatile EQ controls are: treble with pull upper mid boost, bass, and the subtle tone control that alters amp character from darker/thicker to brighter/ thinner.

The adjustable footswitch adds midrange and gain. The V.S.C. (variable symmetrical clipper) tube amplifier features a 12AT7 driver and 12AU7 power amplifier. The V.S.C. (tube amplifier) control regulates the headroom from zero to twelve watts and drives the effects loop send. The loop return connects to the speaker via the transparent, high fidelity, class AB booster amplifier.

Popular reverb, delay, and other effects pedals are solid state and will compliment the solid state effects return and booster amplifier.

1x12 with Jensen Tornado speaker.

‚ÄčThe 12AU7 V.S.C. power amplifier provides classic class-A tube tone and feel. The power supply design allows for plenty of "sag" giving the amp natural output limiting and volume compression. This circuit has amazing touch sensitivity and smooth overdrive when pushed. If pushed, it will clean up beautifully with light attack or roll back on guitar volume.

The V.S.C. control is after the tube power amplifier and does not affect the tone or feel of the music while adjusting output power to the speaker. Output power is completely variable from zero to twelve watts. The booster amplifier is a Class-AB analog transistor circuit.

Most of us have enjoyed listening to music on this type of amplifier found in Hi-Fi stereo, car stereo, concert PA, and movie theater systems. Used for decades, this type of amplifier is very transparent adding nothing to, as well as taking nothing from, the music.

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