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RS210C 2x10 400w Speaker Cabinet
by T.C. Electronic

Amps/Speakers -> Bass Cabinet
Our Price: $749.99 
MSRP: $1124.99 (You save 33.3%)


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1 In Stock - Brand New
| SKU: RS210C

  • Product Information

*This is the cabinet only. DOES NOT INCLUDE HEAD!*


The RS210C cabinet features the same 2 x 10" + 1" Eminence driver configuration found in the award-winning RS210 cabinet.

Additionally, its open amp design allows for you to choose between any of the three compact TC Electronic amp heads: RH750 RH450 or Staccato'51. The amp of your choice simply slides into the amp slot and is secured by a single screw in a matter of seconds.

- Fully customizable with any RH head
- Pull-up Handle and Wheels
- Roadworthy Construction

Your Voice, Your Choice
We were not interested in doing a combo that limits you, so we decided on an innovative solution where you can just swap heads as you see fit.

This means that you can get any voicing you like by chosing between our range of RH bass heads. Want more than one? Easy-peasy, you simply switch heads by loosening a single screw in a matter of seconds.

Maximum Portability
This is a combo you'd wanna take everywhere so we've made sure you can! It features a pull-up handle and wheels for easy transportation.

Also, you can detach the trolley in seconds if you want to, no need for any tools whatsoever. You can leave the trolley on during gigs, but sometimes you may experience a slight rattle - that's why we made it dead easy to take it off.

- Guaranteed Best Price
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RS210C 2x10 400w Speaker Cabinet by T.C. Electronic