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We aim to make returns as hassle free as possible. We can return items sold within 30 days as long as the items and packaging are in original condition. All used items can be returned within 7 days as long as the items and packaging are in the same condition when shipped. Unfortunately, we can't return any books, software, special orders, or items that could come into contact with your ears or mouth.

Read our full return policy.

Absolutely. We play test every item prior to shipping. We also check for any necessary set up work on instruments needed prior to shipping. Although we set up instruments prior to shipping, we understand that some musicians like an instrument set to their specific needs. All instruments purchased at Spicer's Music are checked by one of our team members before they hit the truck.

Yes, we currently offer financing in-store through Synchrony bank, layaway, and online financing through Affirm.

All financing options excluding layaway are subject to credit approval.

Layaway is available to all customers with 30% down, and 90 days to pay it off.

Yes, we do accept both. We determine our trade-in value based off of the current market value of your instrument. All trades are final.

Our consignment rate is 75% to the consignee and 25% to Spicer's Music. To read our entire consignment policy, click HERE.

Yes, we love used gear!

When determining the purchasing price, we take into consideration how much money we will have to put into the instrument before selling. This includes things like new strings, set ups, any repairs, damage to the instrument, deep cleaning, etc.

Read our full purchasing and trading policy.


There are a multitude of studies proving the link between music education and brain development.

We have music programs for students ages 3 and up. Piano lessons, vocal lessons, violin lessons, drum lessons, and ukulele lessons work well for ages 3+.

Guitar lessons, bass lessons, cello lessons, brass and woodwind lessons, etc. are usually more effective for ages 6+. You can never be too old to learn an instrument!

Of course many people around the world are "musically gifted". It is true that music simply comes easier to some people.

We like to compare it to learning to read. Everyone has the ability to learn to read, but learning to read comes much easier to some people. The important thing is that you CAN learn to read!

The same is true with music. We have worked with people of all ages, backgrounds, and musical abilities throughout the years. 

We have a very adaptive music lesson program, and our instructors are very good at altering their teaching style to meet the needs of each student. Our #1 priority is to teach more people the joys and benefits of music making.

We'll do just about everything in our power to give each student the best chance to learn!

This is a common misconception. Everyone DOES have rhythm and musical talent!

With a combined teaching background of over 100 years, our instructors have seen it all. Our heart beats to a natural rhythm. Rhythm is quite literally inside us.

We have many fun and engaging techniques we use to show our students the rhythm they already posses.

You may have experienced struggling to learn an instrument as a child, but this doesn't mean you aren't able to learn. This may mean you simply needed a different teaching style to understand music.

Learning virtually through pre-recorded videos usually works well only for people who are more naturally musically gifted.

Meaning, learning an instrument and understanding music comes very easy to them.

This is usually a very small percentage of actual musicians. Most musicians have to work hard to achieve an understanding of music.

Learning from a pre-recorded video series can make learning much more challenging.

Much like learning a new skill in math, it's important to have someone to ask questions to. When learning an instrument, moving your thumb 1 inch to the left can make all the difference in the world. This is only possible when the lesson is occurring "live".

Regardless of whether the lesson is an "in-person lesson" or a "virtual lesson", it's important to have someone make suggestions in real-time. This can relieve a number of headaches later, if you are taught correctly the first time.

Anyone can upload a video to YouTube.

This is very important to understand. We commonly see people uploading "how to" videos that don't fully understand what they are teaching.

Many of these have inaccurate information as the YouTube teachers may not be a proficient musician. This is why it is important to make sure your instructor is fully vetted for their musical knowledge. Don't worry, we handle the vetting for you!

This is a difficult question to answer depending upon your meaning of "learn an instrument". Our instructors intertwine learning memorable songs into teaching technique, music theory, playing by ear, and learning to read music.

Depending upon the instrument, we can usually have a student playing a memorable song within a few weeks. It usually takes years of learning and practice to become proficient at an instrument.

Simply put, the longer an individual takes one-on-one lessons from a professional music educator, the quicker they will become proficient.

This is much like learning a subject in school. The longer you are school, the more understanding you will have of the subject.

With all of that being said, you can expect to have a basic understanding of the instrument usually between 6-12 months.

We don't require our students to own an instrument to take lessons. We do however strongly suggest that a student have an instrument to practice on.

We like to think of it like learning to drive a car. It's a lot easier to learn to drive a car when you have access to a car to drive than it is to only watch driving videos and take driving lessons once a week.

Music lessons are a big investment into the future of the individual. Having an instrument to practice on gives that individual the best possible chance at succeeding! We also understand not wanting to sink hundreds of dollars into a new instrument if you are unsure if the student will truly "stick with it".

Did you know we rent instruments? (Is it possible to make that a clickable link that goes to instrument rental page?)

There is a family discount! Our lessons are $125/month, flat rate for a student. Lessons are $115/month, fat rate for any other lessons in the same family.


We pride ourselves in our customer service. If you are unhappy with your repaired instrument, please let us know as quickly as possible and we will do what we can to take care of you.

Our techs are highly skilled and work on many instruments daily, so we expect repairs to be completed correctly the first time.

Repairs are completed in a "first come, first served" order. Completed repair times vary greatly depending upon the work needed and the quantity of other repairs in line.

Our techs work hard to get your instrument back to you as quickly as possible.

If you need a rush job, there is a $25 rush fee available that will bump your repair to the front of the line. If you are interested in the "rush fee" please inform the staff when dropping off your instrument for repair.

We are an affiliate store for Gadsden Music for our brass and woodwind repairs, sales, and rentals. A tech from Gadsden Music usually comes by the store once a week.

This schedule is subject to change. Unless the repair is a quick and easy repair and the technician has the tools necessary, the tech will bring the instrument(s) back to Gadsden, AL to be completed in the repair shop at Gadsden Music.

If requested, we can contact the customer with a repair quote prior to beginning work.

Our highly skilled amp tech, Sam Timberlake of SamAmps, is a traveling tech. This means that he travels to a number of music stores across the southeast.

Our amp tech usually comes by the store every 2-3 weeks to do repairs, but his schedule is subject to change.

Feel free to ask about turnaround times when you drop off your amp for repair.

We do not tune or repair pianos. However, there are a few local piano technicians that do tune and repair pianos.

If you are in need of piano assistance, please let us know and we can put you in contact with a local technician.

instrument rentals

We currently offer rentals for the following instruments:

- Acoustic Guitar

- Electric Guitar

- Bass Guitar

- Electric Drums

- Keyboards

- Orchestra Instruments

- Band Instruments

For more on our rental program, click HERE.


Music lessons are an important step to learning an instrument. Attending a music camp is an important step to learning how to play music with others.

Playing music collaboratively is one of the greatest joys of life. We have found that attending a camp usually ignites a new passion for playing music.

Attending a camp also significantly boosts self-esteem and self-confidence as the camper gets to experience standing on stage with their peers as an audience applauds and screams for them. It's truly an inspirational and life-changing experience.

Although we suggest campers to have a basic understanding of their instrument prior to attending Spicer's Rock Camp or Spicer's Rock Camp Pro, it is not required.

Every year we have campers that attend camp without a prior knowledge of music or their musical instrument of choice. It's important to have accurate expectations for a camper that doesn't have prior knowledge of music.

Our camps are action-packed and fast-paced. Our campers learn a lot of information as they work to learn and write songs.

It usually takes weeks/months/years of lessons and practice to learn an instrument well enough to play in a band. Although we are very skilled at adapting instruments, it's difficult to learn an instrument, learn a cover song, and write an original song in one week.

We actively look for ways to adapt the instruments or songs to meet the needs of the campers. We have a number of easy instruments to let campers try during camp like the bass guitar, percussion instruments, keyboard, and/or singing.

We do not require campers to own their own instrument. We provide drum sets, keyboards, and amplifiers for bass and electric guitars.

We also have extra percussion instruments for the campers to try.

We do not provide any other instruments to campers. We do however rent instruments! We can get you set up with a rental instrument of your choice to be used at camp!

PA installs/rentals

We give FREE install/repair quotes! If you need to schedule an estimate, please call us at 334-329-7529 to set up an appointment.

For detailed information on PA Installs, click HERE.

We understand that things can go wrong. We will fully test everything installed/repaired prior to completing a project.

With that being said, we understand that people can accidentally press buttons, unplug cables, or adjust levels that can affect previously completed installs/repairs.

We pride ourselves in our customer service. We are here to help with any follow-ups needed.

For detailed information on PA Installs, click HERE.

We will train your team immediately following any install/repairs.

We are also available for hire to train your team on your pre-existing equipment.

To book an appointment, call 334-329-7529.

For detailed information on PA Installs, click HERE.

We currently rent any and all PA equipment, from individual microphones to everything needed for large-stage productions.

For detailed information on PA Rentals, click HERE.