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"Things like guitars and ukuleles, you should never part with it, because there will probably be good, healthy times spent, just playing and writing."
-Eddie Vedder

from blues to bluegrass

We specialize in teaching many folk instruments ranging from ukulele, mandolin, and banjo, to harmonica, dulcimer, and concertina. Many of these folk instruments are often found in bluegrass, country, blues, and folk music. Instruments like ukulele and dulcimer are popular choices as they can be easily played with a single finger.

perfect gateway instrument

This makes the ukulele and dulcimer popular choices for young children as a “gateway instrument” and for adults who want to spend more time playing songs than focusing on playing a challenging instrument. We can have you playing a ukulele or dulcimer in the first 15 minutes of your first lesson!

song based approach

Mandolin, banjo, harmonica, and concertina are unique sounding folk instruments that require a little more technique and time spent learning. Our professional instructors often use a song-based approach when teaching folk instruments. With this method, we can teach technique, theory, playing by ear, and learning to read music through songs that the student enjoys listening to. This makes practicing the instrument feel less like “practice” and more like playing!

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Chase Allen



Chase started playing music at the age of four, starting with drums and, shortly after that, picking up the guitar. Growing up in a musical household, he was exposed to many different types of music from an early age. In high school, Chase founded multiple bands and was captain of the drumline. Chase then ... attended the Atlanta Institute of Music. After graduating, he toured with numerous pop, rock, and country groups around North America and studio session work in Nashville and Atlanta. Chase is currently playing with the group Trotline. He resides in Auburn with his lovely wife Caitlin and their dog Luna. + Show More

James Berryhill



James has been a devoted music student since he first picked up the guitar at eleven years old. James is currently an English-Literature and Music student at Auburn University. He is the sole guitar player of the Auburn University Jazz Band and is the co-student music director of Auburn University's commercial ... music ensemble, Sonic Nation.

James began teaching music at the beginning of 2021, but his teaching career first started at Master Scarsella's World Class Tae Kwon Do, where James was a senior martial arts instructor for over four years. James applies much of what he learned as a martial arts instructor to how he teaches music, always emphasizing the importance of patience and making learning fun.

On the guitar, James' specialties are jazz, blues, and fingerstyle, and on banjo, James's specialties are Scruggs and folk-style. James often performs solo and with his band, Silhouette, at local bars, restaurants, and events. He is also an avid singer-songwriter, with a keen emphasis on memorable melodies and deeply personal lyrics.
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Paul Gross



Paul H. Gross Jr was born in a cave in the Alaskan Yukon in 1931. His father was an out-of-work pearl diver, and his mother was a former circus performer. Paul was born with a guitar in his hand, of which his mother constantly reminded him...wait, that's not true! Paul was actually born in Port ... Washington, Wisconsin, in 1960. He was given his first guitar when he was eight and did absolutely nothing with it until his family moved from Atlanta to Milwaukee in 1973, and a friend saw the guitar and taught him some basic chords. The rest, as they say, is history. Paul spent many nights next to a record player trying to learn songs and play like Jimmy Page. He played in many bands, from metal to country, while continuing to try and improve his skills.

Moving to Auburn, AL. in 1994, Paul was asked to teach a few guitar lessons at the local music store when he first moved to town. Paul was the first instructor hired when Spicer's Music opened, and he has been inspiring students at Spicers Music ever since.

Paul continues to teach guitar, bass, and ukulele to students ranging from beginner to advanced five days a week. Paul specializes in classic rock and blues music, but he loves teaching the music that inspires his students and makes them want to play.
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Jamie Newsome

Ukulele/Bass/Double Bass


Jamie has been playing music for half of her life. As an eleven-year-old, she began studying classical string bass and quickly picked up the electric bass, playing in everything from orchestras to garage bands to jazz groups. Jamie also has experience playing brass instruments, as she played French horn in her high school ... marching band and with the Auburn University Marching Band.

She is currently working towards a degree in music from Auburn University, where she has studied jazz theory, classical string bass, musical composition, and piano.
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Tom Spicer

Mandolin/Harmonica/Double Bass/Dulcimer/Ukulele


At age four, Tom received his first musical instrument, a Ukulele to which he still has. At age seven, he got a set of Ricky Recardo drums and played trumpet in the school band starting at age 10. When in high school, he switched to valve trombone, baritone, and euphonium. While in college, Tom was exposed to harmonica ... and bought all the records he could find with a harmonica in the songs. Since harmonicas are in a specific key, Tom learned guitar to tell what chords were being played and what key harmonica was needed to play along.

He loves all styles of music and has played in folk, country, bluegrass, jazz, and contemporary music groups, his latest being a Jazz grass band for 30+ years. Besides the harmonica, Tom's main instruments are mandolin, ukulele, upright bass, autoharp, and the Appalachian lap dulcimer.

He loves inspiring students to learn their favorite songs while emphasizing technique, theory, and sound fundamentals.
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