Inventory Conditions

Brand New

New items will always be direct from the manufacturer and include all original packaging, warranties, accessories, etc. We will only ever list items as "New" condition if we are an authorized dealer.

For fretted instruments: The original box that we received the item in will always be included in shipping unless it has been damaged and is not structurally fit to ship--in which case the item will ship in a blank box.

B-Stock/Open Box

Items that have been opened for display on the store room floor, returned, or cannot be sold as "Brand New" for any reason will be labeled as B-Stock. These items are still directly from the manufacturer and will contain all original packaging, warranties, accessories, etc.


Items listed in "Mint" condition are used, but not brand new. They will show virtually no signs of use and will often (not always) ship with original packaging, accessories, etc.


Items listed in "Excellent" condition may show only slight signs of use, but will be mostly free of blemishes. These items will be 100% functioning. 

Vintage items listed in Excellent condition may show a little more wear than modern items, however, they will be in as best of shape possible depending upon how old the item is.

Very Good

Items listed in "Very Good" condition will show more blemishes than Excellent (buckle rash, small dents and dings, etc.). These items will not have any defects that affect playability or functionality.


Items listed in "Good" condition will have some decent wear and tear such as cracks in guitar binding, noticeable scratches and dings in guitar pedals, etc. These defects will still be only cosmetic and will not affect the playability or functionality of the item.


Items listed in "Fair" condition will have defects that begin to affect the playability or functionality of the item. This could be a guitar with some dead spots, a cymbal with a small crack, an amp pot that doesn't function like normal, etc. These items will still be playable and functioning, just not at 100%.

If you every have any questions at all about the condition of an item that is new, used or vintage, it is always your best bet to shoot us a message or give us a call. We will always be happy to answer any and every question that you have!