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We're often asked, "What's the best instrument for my child to learn first?" We love that question, as it means that music is a priority to the family, and the family is aware of the immense benefits of learning to play an instrument and want to ensure that the student is learning an instrument that is beneficial.

no wrong choice

The great news is all music is the same! This means that whatever you learn on one instrument, will easily transfer to another instrument. You literally can't make a wrong decision! Although the piano is often referred to as a good first instrument to learn, we suggest that each student begins learning on the instrument(s) that excite them the most. Even drum students at Spicer's Music will learn the foundations to music theory and reading music!

the right fit

We often observe that the students who stick with their instrument the longest and become the most proficient at music, are the ones who begin taking lessons on their favorite instrument. After all, the goal is to have the student want to practice right?

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