drum lessons

"Fills bring the thrills, but the groove pays the bills."
-Dr. Steve Gadd

perfect for all ages

Drums and other percussion instruments are a popular lesson choice for students of all ages, especially younger children, as the instrument gives an immediate gratification. When you hit a drum, you get an immediate response. Drums are often referred to as one of the most fun instruments to play, as all 4 limbs can work independently to produce grooves and different rhythms.

rudimentary drumming

A lot of skill is required to perfect playing a percussion instrument. Students are initially taught rudiments, the foundation to all drum beats, as they work on technique, learning to read, and playing by ear. Our instructors often mix learning songs into the drum lessons so our students can learn how fundamental rudiments helped to create the iconic songs we know and love today. The foundational skills learned by playing a percussion instrument can easily transpose to other instruments, making the drum set a wonderful foundational instrument opening the doors to an endless possibility of instrument learning!

traditional and marching band

Our highly skilled, professional drum and percussion instructors specialize in everything from traditional drum set lessons to school band and marching band percussion instruments. Many of our students throughout the years have gone on to march in college bands after receiving scholarships. Some have even toured professionally with various bands! Let our expert drum instructors work with you to set and achieve your musical percussion goals!

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Child taking drum lessons

meet your instructor!

Hunter Jackson



Why are you Passionate about Teaching Music?
I want to pass my knowledge of my craft on to the next generation of drummers.

What makes you unique from other teachers?
I employ a number of different techniques so I can affect each student as much as possible.

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How would you describe the atmosphere/energy in your teaching studio?
It is a positive, high-energy environment with fun tempered learning.

What is something fun about you that you would like people to know?
I drive a 1991 KS Blazer from Chevrolet with the Scottsdale interior. ;).

What are your passions outside of teaching?
I enjoy playing golf.

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