Walrus Audio Fundamental Reverb - Demo
Walrus Audio Fundamental Reverb - Demo
Walrus Audio Fundamental Reverb - Demo
Walrus Audio Fundamental Reverb - Demo

Walrus Audio Fundamental Reverb - Demo

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All used and vintage items have been checked and tested to ensure playability and functionality. Before purchase, if you have any questions about the condition of the item, PLEASE reach out to us. Read more about item conditions.

Product Description

This listing is for a demo model that has been opened out of its box and used on our sales floor for customers. Every demo model at Spicer's Music is tested and ensured to be in perfect working order with minimal signs of use. Pedals will have velcro on the back - message us if you would like it removed before purchase.

From Walrus Audio:

For the Fundamental Series, we challenged ourselves to design a set of pedals with the tonal integrity that’s required to live on a professional’s pedalboard, but with simplified controls friendly enough for even the newest effect pedal users. Each Fundamental pedal has 3 sliders for tweaking the sound and a three-way switch for changing pedal modes. The result is a line of 8 pedals that will keep you covered from your first band practice all the way to a sold-out arena. Designed and assembled at Walrus Audio headquarters in OKC, OK.

Fundamental Reverb

The Fundamental Reverb provides you with the core sounds of ambient effects. With 3 reverb algorithms, you can go from ambients hall to an analog spring emulation, as well as a bright plate emulation.

Time: Control the amount of reverb decay time. Left is minimum and right is maximum.

Feedback: Control the amount of wet reverberated signal that is fed back into the signal.

Mix: Control the mix of the effect and the original clean signal. All the way to the left is fully clean, and all the way to the right is fully Reverb.

Slide Switch – The slide switch allows you to change between 3 distinct Reverb algorithms.

Hall – Emulates the large sounds of an acoustic hall.

Spring – Emulates spring reverb commonly found in tube amps.

Plate – Emulates a smooth analog plate reverb.

Bypass Switch – Turns the effect on and off.

Bypass LED - Illuminated when the effect is engaged.

Trails Modes – Hold down the stomp switch when applying power to the pedal.

Input Jack - 1/4 inch cable from the instrument.

Output Jack - 1/4 inch cable to amplifier.

9v Jack – 9-volt DC, Center Negative, 100mA min.

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