Cornerstone Music Gear Gladio Single Channel Preamp Pedal

Cornerstone Music Gear Gladio Single Channel Preamp Pedal

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Product Description

How long have you been playing Stevie Ray Vaughan songs eventually realizing that somehow you can’t really nail his sound? The Gladio SC is meant to reach it by adding the special Clean volume knob. You can’t really nail SRV drive tone if you don’t put the clean sound into the equation. Start your Texas blues journey here.

I know trying to recreate the sound of an artist can be very challenging, especially when the artist’s sound is made with legendary gear. Like a Dumble amplifier.

The Gladio journey started with researching Robben Ford’s sound. Now we extend our research to another great Dumble user.

Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Let’s face it, how many times have tried to get his tone? A lot I guess. Just as I did. Just as everyone playing blues did.

But here’s an important thing I’ve learnt while searching for his tone:

You can’t really reach his drive tone, if you don’t put the clean guitar sound into the equation.

That’s probably weird but it’s true: if you add a portion of the guitar’s clean sound on top of the overdrive sound (without reducing it) you can get a LOT of different sound textures getting very close to SRV tone; in particular the sound gets warmer and you can clearly feel the uncompressed attack of the notes.

This is exactly what the Gladio Single Channel (SC) is designed to offer.

Clean knob together with the compression toggle switch, are opening up to a whole new level of drive experience, feeling almost like you’re playing with two amps, one clean and one dirty.

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