Taylor Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer

Taylor Big Digit Hygro-Thermometer

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Product Description

Monitor the relative humidity in your home, office or wherever you store your guitar to protect it from the effects of high or low moisture levels. The easy-to-read display shows temperature and humidity simultaneously and can be used freestanding on a flat surface or mounted on a wall.

The Taylor hygrometer comes with built-in tilt stand, wall mounting bracket and 1.5V AAA battery. One button display of MIN/MAX readings. Switchable between C or F. RH range: 10 to 99% (accuracy: +/- 5%). Temperature range: 14 to 140 degrees F (-10 to 60 C). Note: 45-55% relative humidity is optimal for your guitar.

To maintain proper levels, you may need to use a guitar humidifier.

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