JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal
JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal
JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal
JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal
JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal
JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal

JAM Pedals Boomster V2 Boost Pedal

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Product Description

With its musical response and increased headroom the Boomster mk.2 aims to redefine the quality standards of the buffer and booster genres. Extensive testing and comparison sessions with most of the appropriate chips currently in production, resulted in us opting for the hi-fi-grade Texas Instruments® OPA 2132 chips, which deliver effortless fidelity and lushness across the Boomster mk.2's different functions.

Our mission with the mk.2 version of the Boomster was to elevate it into a well-rounded boost pedal encompassing all the necessary features and functions contemporary musicians have come to expect, as well as to offer a standalone buffer that not only sounds great but also feels right under the hands, making it an indispensable tone component of any rig.

Mission accomplished!

The Boomster mk.2 comes loaded with:

• selectable true or buffered bypass via internal dip switches (see schematic)
• an expression pedal input to use as a volume pedal
 3 minutely tuned voicing options
 momentary / latching operation
 9-18V power-input range for variable headroom

Booster function:
Get up to  16db of clean unadulterated boost. Place the Boomster mk.2 after your drive section for a volume increase or hit the front end of your amp or different drive pedals to introduce an added gain-staging option! The 3 voicing options available are designed to help you precisely sculpt your tone and match different guitars, pedals and amps to one another.

We have carefully tuned these to a guitar-friendly range but have tested them to be useful with all sorts of instruments:
• the top position attenuates the top end (control by how much via set-and-forget internal trimmer)
• the middle position retains a flat, full-range response

• the bottom position introduces more mids (control by how much via set-and-forget internal trimmer)

*When the Level knob is all the way to the left (closed) the Booster’s output level is at unity gain.


The rigorous R&D process employed for the development of the
buffer inside the Boomster mk.2, accomplished the 2 main traits we feel make for a great buffer;
With the Texas Instruments® OPA 2132 chip powering the buffer the Boomster mk.2 will:

• instantaneously bring back frequencies compromised over long signal chains, without the unwanted top-end harshness and compromised mids many buffers suffer from.
• successfully retain the original feel of the instrument, something very few buffers achieve.



Pair the Boomster mk.2 with any commonly available 10k passive Expression pedal and you have yourself a smooth travelling volume pedal starting from 0db at the heel position all the way to wherever it is that you have the L (level) knob set if the pedal is activated, or from 0db to unity gain when the pedal is OFF and in buffered bypass mode!

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