JJ Electronic EL84 Power Tube

JJ Electronic EL84 Power Tube

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Product Description

The JJ Electronic EL84 is a solidly built EL84 / 6BQ5 with excellent tonal qualities. JJ’s rugged construction of this tube offers high reliability without any compromise to the sound. This tube has solid lows with warm bright mids and shimmery highs. When saturated the harmonics are rich and dynamic. The JJ EL84 nails the classic sound of this tube. This tube can replace any EL84 or 6BQ5 tube.

Product Measurements by Type
Body Height: 71.4 mm
Cathode Current (Ik): ≤ 65 mA
Filament Current (If): 0.76 A
Filament Voltage (Uf): 6.3 V
Gain (μ): 19
Grid 1 to filament capacitance (cg1f): 0.15 pF
Grid Circuit Resistance 1 (Rg1), Automatic Bias: 1 MΩ
Grid Circuit Resistance 1 (Rg1), Fixed Bias: 0.3 MΩ
Grid Voltage 1 (Ug1): ≥ -100 V, -7.3 V typical
Grid Voltage 2 (Ug2): ≤ 300 V, 250 V typical
Grid to Cathode Capacitance (cg/k): 10 pF
Grid to Plate Capacitance (ca/g): 0.6 pF
Heater to cathode voltage (Uk/f): ≤ 100 V
Internal Resistance (Ri): 40 kΩ
Item Diameter: 22 mm
Item Height: 77.8 mm
Plate Capacitance (ca): 5.1 pF
Plate Current (Ia): 48 mA
Plate Dissipation (Wa): ≤ 12 W
Plate Voltage (Ua): ≤ 300 V, 250 V typical
Transconductance (S): 11.3 mA/V

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