The Rock Slide Medium Ceramic Slide

The Rock Slide Medium Ceramic Slide

Pacific Blue
Glacier White
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Ceramic Rock Slides have an ultra hard/smooth finish similar to glass but produce more sustain and low end since they outweigh the glass, and even our brass slides. They’re far more durable than glass being made out of high heat industrial ceramic rather than typical coffee mug style studio clay. Hi-tech injection molding gives you the same tapered interior and other Rock Slide features you’ve come to love on the other models.

Short Mediums are 49mm long just like our standard small size, inside diameter is 19.5mm like our medium. They have have a 3mm wall instead of 4mm for faster action and a little less weight. Perfect for people who want a pinky slide but don’t fit inside our standard small, or if you find our medium slide to be too long for your ring finger.

Riptide = Surf Green
Tucson = Brick Red
Glacier = White
Pacific = Dark Blue


Our slides fit the same across all materials. If a small glass fits you, so will a small ceramic or small brass and on and on. Not all situations and fingers are the same and there is also a degree of personal preference that can’t always be figured out with a measurement.  For the majority of customers, pinky finger will take a small slide. Ring finger will take a medium or Large slide. If you have very large hands, medium usually works for the pinky and XL for the ring. If you have smaller hands, check out our XS glass.

Method 1: Jewelry Store

The most accurate way to size your finger is to stop by your neighborhood jeweler and get your ring size which should be free and takes about 90 seconds.  We have gone to dozens of jewelry sellers ranging from high end, mall stores and even box stores like WalMart or Fred Meyer. None of them have ever charged us to measure and have given us the same result.

Method 2: Measure with Wrenches

If you have access to a set of Metric or USA box wrenches you can very quickly measure your finger.  To measure any finger size, use the OPEN END of the wrench. DO NOT use the ring end of the wrench as it could get stuck on your finger.  Find the size that slides over the large knuckle snugly like how a ring fits.  If it goes over your knuckle without touching the skin then try the next size down.

How Should a Rock Slide Guitar Slide Fit?

Forget everything you’ve read in slide books or heard from your guitar teacher saying you need giant slide with full string coverage.  That’s old news.  Ideally these should fit snug enough that you can point your finger straight down at the ground without the slide falling off.  The proper fit is for the slide to stop at the large knuckle creating a 2/3 finger slide.  This allows you for bending of the finger with the slide on which makes, playing, fretting and chording MUCH easier.    Full finger slides feel like wearing a cast which is limiting and not recommended unless you already have this habit and know you like it this way.

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