Meinl Cymbal Polish

Meinl Cymbal Polish

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The Meinl Cymbal Polish is designed exclusively for cleaning and restoring the high-polished surface of a brilliant finish cymbal. It’s a combination of two models of Meinl cymbal cleaner; the Meinl concentrated liquid Cymbal Cleaner and the original Meinl polishing emulsion.


  • Combines liquid cleaner with polishing emulsion
  • Convenient spray bottle for even application
  • For brilliant finish cymbals only


  • 250ml


If contact is made with eyes, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed, give water and contact a doctor. Keep out of reach of children! Manufacturers and sellers are not responsible for misuse or negligence in the use of this product. Read and follow instructions on this label 


  • Organic and inorganic acid
  • non-ionic surfactants
  • aluminium oxide stabilizers

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