Mythos Pedals Cestus Boost

Mythos Pedals Cestus Boost

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Product Description

We're often asked to build a clean booster, it is! Cestus were ancient battle gloves that gladiators wore into combat and this mini booster has enough punch for any rig. 30dB of boost is on tap and it's voiced to add some sparkle and just the right amount of grit. It's simple, to the point, and a worthy addition to any board. Don't mind the scratchy sound when turning the knob, it's adjusting the bias so that happens!


  • 30 dB of Clean-ish boost!

  • Voiced to add some presence without taking your head off.

  • Top quality jacks, switch, pots, and components throughout.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The knob is setting bias and has a static sound when turned.

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