Gibraltar Oversized Motorcyle Seat Throne

Gibraltar Oversized Motorcyle Seat Throne

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Product Description

Oversized Motorcycle Throne

The 9608OS Oversized Saddle throne is known for its heavy duty base and luxuriously comfortable seat top and is truly the most comfortable throne you will ever sit on. The base is a double braced, rock solid, tripod with the Gibraltar “Super foot” foundation for unwavering support. Height adjustment is very easy with a threaded 7/8” post. Just spin the top to place at the optimum height for you. The saddle seat is lined with a plush Cordura top and vinyl edges covering a top grade memory foam used for maximum comfort. Height range is 21” to 27”.

  • Oversized saddle seat with luxurious Cordura top and vinyl edges
  • Top grade foam for maximium comfort
  • Rock solid double braced leg base
  • Super-lock cast seat fastening system
  • Super foot solid foundation rubber feet
  • Threaded height adjustment
  • Memory lock height adjustment
  • Top dimensions: 18-3/4”W x 15-3/4”D x 5”H
  • Height range: 21” to 27”

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