Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp
Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp

Fishman Platinum Pro EQ Analog Preamp

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Intended for acoustic guitar, bass, or any other acoustic instrument with a pickup and a 1/4" output, the Fishman Platinum Pro EQ is a preamp and DI boasting an analog signal path, onboard compression, and a variety of tone-shaping options. Connections are possible via 1/4" input and 1/4" output jacks, though there’s also an XLR DI for feeding audio straight to the house’s PA, mixer, or a recording interface. This output is pre-/post-EQ switchable, meaning you can route a tonally shaped or unprocessed signal through this section of the preamp. Also provided are 1/4" send and return jacks for patching in external devices to further enhance and affect your overall sound.

The preamp itself utilizes a high-headroom Class-A design, with a 5-band EQ section that can be voiced separately, by means of a switch for bass or guitar. An integrated compressor allows you to level your signal, the effects of which can result in more sustain and a more even tone on stage. A phase switch, combined with a notch filter with a sweepable frequency, aids you in the never-ending battle against feedback in live scenarios.

A built-in tuner, accurate to 0.5 cents, can be switched on to help you quickly check your tuning or re-tune between songs. To add a little more volume for solos or other stand-out sections, a boost footswitch has been provided, its level of gain adjustable by means of a pot located on the side of the unit. Here you’ll also find an input trim pot to better attenuate your pickups to the signal path provided by the Platinum Pro. The pedal can be powered with a 9V battery, or with an optional power supply.

Key Features at a Glance

  • 17V discrete Class-A preamp
  • 5-band tone control with sweepable mids and low frequency filter
  • EQ modes switchable between guitar and bass
  • Phase control and notch filter reduce feedback
  • One-knob adjustable compressor
  • Integrated fully chromatic digital tuner
  • Volume boost footswitch with level control (up to +12 dB)
  • Balanced XLR DI with pre/post EQ setting and ground lift

Switchable EQ Modes

The unit's EQ Mode switch offers two separate voices. Set to Guitar, the tone controls are voiced to be most useful for recording or amplifying acoustic guitar and other instruments. Set to bass, the tone controls are tailored for recording or amplifying acoustic and electric bass.

Tone Controls

Low Cut: A variable high-pass filter, labeled low cut, can be used to remove sub-sonic frequencies present in some passive pickups.

Bass: A boost here will add depth and weight to the sound of an instrument with light bass response. Cut the bass a few dB to tighten up the boomy tone of a dreadnought or jumbo guitar.

Middle: Two controls (level and frequency) make up this EQ circuit. The frequency control lets you tune in on a specific midrange frequency range which you can boost or cut.

Treble: This knob will help you cut through the mix, or conversely, mellow and subdue an already shrill tone.

Brilliance: This control is intended to add shimmer and sparkle to your sound or reduce excessive finger noise and fret buzz.

Notch and Phase Controls

These controls work to suppress two adjacent ranges of acoustic feedback. The notch control is a variable frequency notch filter designed to subdue a resonant peak on the instrument which is prone to feedback. Turning the control adjusts the center frequency of the filter, ranging from 45 Hz to 1 kHz at full clockwise. Turn the control to “dial out” the offending frequency. The in/out switch can be used to bypass the notch filter altogether.

The phase switch flips the polarity of your instrument's signal from positive to negative, changing its relationship to the sound coming from the amplifier. One phase setting usually provides better resistance to feedback than the other, and will vary depending on the instrument and playing environment.


As you turn this knob clockwise, your overall playing dynamics become increasingly limited, making softer notes more present and controlling loud spikes in your playing. This can be helpful in performances where you desire a more even level to your playing. The compressor control adjusts the threshold of the automatic leveling circuit that follows the preamp section. The compression ratio, attack time, and release time are fixed.


The boost footswitch creates an increase in volume. The range of volume boost can be set from 3 to 12 dB using the boost level pot found on the right-side panel.

Integrated FX Loop

The 1/4" send and return jacks allow you to insert external devices into the signal chain just prior to the 1/4" and XLR DI outputs. The overall output level will still be affected by the volume control.

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