Pearl President Series Deluxe 14x5.5in Snare Desert Ripple

Pearl President Series Deluxe 14x5.5in Snare Desert Ripple

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President Series Deluxe snares are made true to the standard that made the original "M.I.J." snare drums so desirable. 

The same shell material, lug combination, and bearing edge have been put into play to give you a sound that is grounded and sharp, but full of low-range overtone when played without dampening. Tempered using the internal shell muffler, the short, pillowy sound of every great AM Radio classic floods your senses.

The President Series Deluxe snare captures the tonal essence of an era, but its focused tuning range makes it far from a "One Hit Wonder". 

The snare drum that sounds like a memory.


  • SIZE: 14"x5.5"
  • SHELL: 6-ply (7.5mm) Lauan
  • LUG: BSL55
  • RODS: T062
  • SNARES: SN1420I
  • HOOPS: 2.3mm SuperHoop II Triple Flanged (8-lug)
  • HEADS: Remo UT CS Black Dot (Batter)
  • Remo UT Hazy Snare (Bottom)
  • FINISH: #768 Desert Ripple

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