ProMark Everyday Stick Bag

ProMark Everyday Stick Bag

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Product Description

The Promark EveryDay Stick Bag is simple and durable, perfect for percussionists and drummers who only need a handful of sticks or mallets for the gig.

This bag is made from durable, weather resistant ballistic nylon that can endure the natural wear and tear of countless rehearsals and gigs. The two interior pockets can hold up to 10 pairs of sticks, while the exterior pockets are nice for holding small accessories like drum keys or muffles.

Two straps with hooks allow you to easily hang this bag from a floor tom so all your tools are quickly in reach!

  • Durable, Weather-Resistant Nylon
  • Interior Pockets Hold Up to 10 Pairs of Sticks
  • Exterior Pockets for Tools and Accessories
  • Floor Tom Hanging Hooks

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