Alexander Sky Fi Reverb/Delay

Alexander Sky Fi Reverb/Delay

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Product Description

This is a listing for a used Alexander Sky Fi delay/reverb pedal in excellent condition.

This item is on consignment in our store. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to make an offer on this pedal!

From Alexander:

Bathe your signal in an excess of echoes, a deluge of delay, and a surfeit of shimmer. All of the ambience you desire is a footstep away.

Reverb — Adjusts the mix and decay of the reverb engine. Turn while holding the
footswitch to adjust the delay mix level.
Delay — Changes the delay time for the delay engine.
Repeat — Controls the feedback and repeats of the delay engine. Rotate counter-
clockwise for dark, filtered repeats. Rotate clockwise for bright repeats.
Mix — Rotate counter-clockwise for more dry signal,clockwise for more wet (delayed)
signal. Equal mix is found with the control centered.
Mode Toggle:
Wash — Combines an 800ms delay with our slow-building reverb engine. Holding the
footswitch initiates reverb sustain.
Gleam — Adds an upper octave partial to the reverb effect, holding the footswitch
swells in a pronounced shimmer. Maximum delay time in this mode is approximately
Echo — Slow-build reverb plus delay, holding the footswitch reduces the reverb slightly
and forces the delay into oscillation. Warning - extremely loud oscillation and / or
total collapse of your signal may occur!

HOLD Function:
The Sky Fi has a unique feature - the bypass footswitch integrates with the reverb and
delay engines. Hold the footswitch to shift the reverb or delay engine into a feedback
mode. In Wash and Gleam modes, the Hold function increases the Reverb time
and mix to an infinite setting. In Echo mode, the Hold function increases the Delay
feedback to maximum levels.
The Hold function has two options: Infinite allows new notes to be added to the held
signal. Freeze routes the dry signal around the held notes so that you can play over
the frozen notes without changing their harmonic content. To switch between the two
modes, hold the bypass switch while powering on. The LED will blink once for Freeze
or five times for Infinite. The pedal remembers the last setting.

Bypass Switching:
The Sky Fi features a buffered bypass with “trails,” so that the reverb and delay will
continue to repeat when the pedal is bypassed. The Sky Fi features an analog dry
signal path. If the Sky Fi is set to Infinite mode, you can engage the pedal and the
Hold function by holding the footswitch while in bypass. Release the footswitch to
return to bypass mode.

Wet / Dry Output:
The Sky Fi allows the player to separate the wet and dry signals at the output jack.
Insert a standard mono patch cable into the jack to use as a traditional guitar pedal
- the output will contain both wet and dry signals as determined by the Mix knob. If
a stereo / TRS cable is connected, the Sky Fi will place a buffered dry signal on the
“ring” of the jack and a mix of wet and dry on the “tip.” Set the Mix control fully
clockwise to have complete wet / dry separation. The Sky Fi will send the dry signal
to both outputs when bypassed.

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