OBNE Dark Star Pad Reverb
OBNE Dark Star Pad Reverb
OBNE Dark Star Pad Reverb
OBNE Dark Star Pad Reverb

OBNE Dark Star Pad Reverb

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Product Description

This is a listing for a used OBNE Dark Star in excellent condition! This pedal includes its original box.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this listing!

From OBNE:

Dark Star is a lo-fi reverb aimed at slow attack and pad generation. Three modes introduce pitch shifting, delay, and bit crushing to the core voice of long, dark reverb. A hold switch allows infinite trails while the pedal is on. This is a reverb to go first in your signal chain, and almost an instrument of its own.


Three-way toggle to select between Pitch, Delay, and Crush modes

CTRL 1 and CTRL 2 to shape the unique elements in each mode

Reverb to set trail length

Mix to set effect blend from 100% dry to 100% wet

Expression jack to externally control CTRL 1 or Reverb (internally selectable)

Hold switch to momentarily max out the knob attached to expression

Soft-touch Bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise

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