Walrus Audio Deep Six - White
Walrus Audio Deep Six - White
Walrus Audio Deep Six - White
Walrus Audio Deep Six - White

Walrus Audio Deep Six - White

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Product Description

This is a listing for a used Walrus Audio Deep Six in very good condition! This pedal has velcro on its back.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this listing!

From Walrus:

We've had some truly incredible art come through on our recent limited edition pedals, but today we're bringing back a long time fan favorite. It's one that surfaces from the highly pressurized and compressed confines of the dark from time to time. Its none other than the Deep Six Angler Compressor. Once again, leading with its deceptively attractive illuminated "lure", our terrifyingly beautiful deep sea predator is returning from the depths of the darkest corners of the ocean to feed with fresh new looks and style. Available in two exquisite variants and limited to 35 each.

For those who haven't tried the Deep Six before, you'll be sure to love the blend knob which is great for retaining some of your natural tone and dynamics when using stronger compression settings.

First variant is a glossy dark black enclosure with gold flake, white ink and gold aluminum knobs. Second variant is a glossy white enclosure with gold flake, gold ink and gold knobs. Both options are sure to stand out on your board! Grab one while they last and our angle friend returns to the deep.

The Deep Six is a true bypass studio-grade compressor in stomp box form, inspired by the performance of the Universal Audio 1176 with the simplicity of the Ross and Dynacomp. Offering a Level, Sustain, Attack, and Blend control, the Deep Six will give you unmatched versatility at a price you can afford. The pedal can be powered from a 9V battery or DC Supply. Polarity will never be an issue as the Deep Six comes standard with a polarity correction circuit. The internal voltage is doubled to 18 volts giving you the maximum amount of headroom for your sound while maintaining a typical current draw of 8.9mA for extended battery life. The Deep Six also offers a Blend and Attack control which allows you to use the pedal with active pickups or humbuckers. The blend feature allows you to use high output instruments while truly being able to dial out any distortion that may be present.

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