Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5
Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5
Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5
Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5

Hughes & Kettner Red Box 5

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All used and vintage items have been checked and tested to ensure playability and functionality. Before purchase, if you have any questions about the condition of the item, PLEASE reach out to us. Read more about item conditions.

Product Description

This is a listing for a used H&K Red Box 5 in excellent condition! This device includes its original box.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this listing!

From Hughes & Kettner:

The Red Box 5 is the latest version of the award winning speaker simulation, now with new filtering options for small/large housings, modern/vintage speakers, and loose/tight response of the cabinet.

The Red Box does not sound like a mic’ed cab, it sounds like the cab itself! Thanks to this clear, direct sound, a Red Box will endear you to every seasoned PA tech and studio engineer. And the secret behind many of today‘s best sounding guitar tracks is, that they are double-tracked with a microphone and a Red Box, or that the pure Red Box signal is run through microphone- and room emulating software plug-ins. This enables a perfect mix of ambience and ultra-direct attack.

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