OBNE Sunlight Dynamic Reverb
OBNE Sunlight Dynamic Reverb
OBNE Sunlight Dynamic Reverb
OBNE Sunlight Dynamic Reverb

OBNE Sunlight Dynamic Reverb

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Product Description

This is a listing for a used OBNE Sunlight in excellent condition! This pedal includes its original box.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this listing!

From OBNE:

Sunlight is a dynamic reverb capable of indefinitely holding trails until new notes are played. Each of the three unique modes add to the core atmospheric reverb sound, emulating tape modulation, stacking delays to create comb filters, or using a resonant bandpass filter to create a bubbling sample and hold sound, all within a dynamically interactive reverb.

Controls include:

Input to set reverb input dynamic sensitivity and Decay for reverb feedback, together creating the potential for nearly infinite trails

Three way switch to select between Tape, Comb, and Pass modes

Rate and Depth specific to each mode’s modulation

Expression jack for assignable external control over Input, Decay, Rate, and Depth parameters

Alt footswitch to quickly snap to a particular knob setting

Soft-touch bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise

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