Wincent Hickory 5A Drumsticks - Wood Tip

Wincent Hickory 5A Drumsticks - Wood Tip

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Product Description

Wax coated for feel and durability
Wincent's hickory drumsticks are sealed with UWP (Unique Wax Protection), a unique water-based wax coating. This coating increases the durability of the wood and extends the life of the sticks. It also promotes a secure, relaxed grip in the hand.

Stone ground in Sweden from choice American Hickory
These sticks are crafted from the finest Kentucky hickory using centerless stone-grinding machines specially designed for drumstick production. This provides lasting trueness, a resistance to splitting, and a smooth surface from butt to tip. Sticks are weight matched within three grams of one another for perfect pairing.

End printed for easy ID'ing
Every Wincent hickory drumstick is printed with a model identifier on the butt end. This makes them easy to identify and pair up in a packed stick bag. If you're searching for sticks that feel great and can go the distance onstage and in the studio, Sweetwater recommends Wincent hickory drumsticks.

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